+EpiData Software - New Users

What is EpiData

EpiData Software can be used in two situations:

  • Definition of data entry, entering quantitative data into a computer and documenting the quality of the data.
  • Basic statistical analysis and graphing of data. Including creating and grouping variables (data management)

EpiData Entry

Define data in simple text

EpiData creates this data entry form

My first DataEntry Form

Id <idnum> Encrypted id <e   > 
Height #.## Weight ###.#
Born <dd/mm/yyyy> age ###

data entry form
Several field types are available (e.g. date, numerical, string, today, auto id). Color setting defined by user.

EpiData Analysis

After entering data you can do tabulation, counting or graphing using EpiData Analysis. Below you see an example of a screen with the variable selection dialog. After pressen "Run" the dialog box disappears and output is added to the output window.

Screen view analysis

For more information:

Screen views of EpiData Entry     EpiData Analysis

See the introduction texts for Entry or Analysis which can be downloaded from the download page in several languages

You can find further inspiration and examples in some of the introduction notes or on the examples page.


If you want to attend a course - see the list here