+EpiData Software - News and Lists

Two lists exist: 1. E-mail discussion list. 3 Bug reporting list

It is important that users register in list one. The number of persons there in combination with knowledge of who gives courses, activity on the discussion list and translations is a key to directions of development and funding.

1. EpiData-list - discussions, questions and solutions by e-mail

Use the list for general discussions of development strategy, if you are running into a problem repeatedly or find lack of functionality. Course offerings or suggestions for collaborative efforts are also welcomed. To see earlier messages visit the EpiData-list Archives. Only registered users can send questions to the list

Join the list by one of these possibilities:

  1. Follow the link on internet: EpiData-list information page
  2. Send an e-mail to epidata-list-request@lists.umanitoba.ca
    with subject: subscribe password digest|nodigest
    write your own password and write digest to get one e-mail per day or nodigest if you wish to get e-mails one at a time (only three words in total in the subject)

Simple text: If you send questions to the list make sure your e-mail system sends this as "text only". Not as "html". The reason is that "text only" messages are much smaller so the transfer time is very short. This is particularly important for people in areas with slow internet connections.

Do not use the list for commercial or personnal advertisements, jobseeking or messages of private character from one user to another.

Get further information on the EpiData-list information page.

2. Bug reporting archive and list

The bug reporting system is found here
You could also discuss the bugs on the E-mail list or if all fails, send an e-mail To the EpiData Association